Too Scary

Alien: Isolation is a brilliant game — in fact, it might be too good. It' so bloody atmospheric and scary that I just can't play it. Don't get me wrong »

Uplink: Wearables & Spacemen

I've once again hosted another episode of c't uplink which was released todayDE. On this one, we talk about all kinds of wearables: activity trackers, smartwatches… you name it »

Hacker Attack on German Steel Mill

A story about a hack that damaged a German steel mill has just hit Wired. One thing especially is cool about that: I am pretty sure I originally broke that »

Relive the Glory Days of DOS Games

If you grew up on DOS-Games in the 90s, like I did, there is now a great way to relive your childhood thanks to the Internet Archive. They've collected over »


My original plan for the holidays was to finish another playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. I usually enjoy playing fantasy games of that vein in the winter, but somehow I »

First Uplink of 2015

The second of our two pre-recorded episodes of c't uplink was released today. On the first uplink of 2015DE, I explain why I love Elite: Dangerous so much and we »

Happy New Year!

Happy 3301, Commanders! I hope you're having a good start to the year. I'm certainly having fun myself. I've begun a new game character in Elite: Dangerous and spent a »

Goodbye 014.M3!

It's hard to believe that another year has almost passed. The 14th year of the 3rd Millenium will be over soon! Over here in Germany, 999 014.M3 has begun »

Geek News Radio

As I've previously announced, the next show from Sixgun Productions will be called Geek News Radio. There are already a lot of ideas in play on how we are going »

Stay Free, Stay Open Source

This is it. After more than seven years1 we have buried Linux Outlaws. I have just released the final episode: Linux Outlaws 370 - Stay Free, Stay Open Source. Words »