New Space Hulk Edition

Games Workshop is releasing a new edition of the Space Hulk boardgame and it looks pretty sweet. It's a limited edition too. They do this a lot these days. I »

A Retweet Pays Off

It's been nine months since the previous episode of Steel Rain was released. No, the show isn't dead, we just haven't had time to release a new episode in all »

Space Truckin'

Unsurprisingly, I am currently very much in love with Elite: Dangerous. I've spent most of the last weekend flying goods from station to station, trying to earn enough credits for »

Nothing Good Can Come of This

Apparently Microsoft is going to buy Minecraft makers Mojang for two billion Dollars. I've been grumpy ever since I heard that news last night. I can't imagine one single thing »

Discourse Comments

Pretty much ever since I implemented Disqus to give this blog a comment function, people have been bitching at me how horrible it is. I always liked the way it »

WordPress 4.0

So WordPress 4.0 was released last week. It's not a big milestone, the team basically just incremented the version number from 3.9. While 4.0 is just another »

Dave’s Murder Train

After an almost criminal delay, I've just released Linux Outlaws 359 - Dave’s Murder Train. Sorry for being a full week late, but I just didn't get around to »

Spaceships and Strongboxes

The new issue of c't magazineDE is now available and it includes two little previews/reviews that I wrote. If you're in German speaking lands, you can get issue 20 »

Hell is Other People

I recently wrote an opinion piece for heise onlineDE on the Sarkeesian debate. The gist of it was that I do think sexism in games exists as she says, but »

Uplink Live

My Heise colleagues who travelled to Berlin for the IFA expo will be hosting the first live recording of c't uplink today. I'm a bit jealous that I can't be »