Dan Lynch's Hubcap Six

I've just released Linux Outlaws 369 - Dan Lynch’s Hubcap Six. This is the penultimate episode of LO. The last episode is already recorded and should be out later »

Double-Barrel Uplink

It seems to become the new normal for me to only be on an uplink episode every month or so, which is a shame. But unfortunately, my current workload has »


On Dan's longstanding recommendation, I've finally started to watch Sons of Anarchy. God, what an awesome show. Dan was right! This is so much up my alley. I've only watched »

Wherever Somebody’s Strugglin’ to be Free

I've uploaded Dan's recording of the live version of The Ghost of Tom Joad he performed for the final LO episode to Soundcloud. You can listen to it here. Dan »

In Love with Sonos

Katy and me gave each other a Sonos Play:1 for Christmas1 this year. We installed one in the kitchen and the other one in the living room. You can »

Elite: Dangerous is Out!

Elite: Dangerous was officially released today. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have a lot of history with the game. I've been a »

This is the End

Last night, Dan and me recorded the very last episode of Linux Outlaws. It was a lot of fun and we almost went on for three hours. Dan capped the »

The Dark Ages of Free Software

With the recording of the final episode of Linux Outlaws looming large tomorrow, I've just released Linux Outlaws 368 - The Dark Ages of Free Software to the feeds. We »

Free as in GNU Piss

After taking way too long to edit this, I've finally released Linux Outlaws 367 - Free as in GNU Piss. At least the show makes up for being weeks late »

Going Out with a Bang!

Dan has blogged about our upcoming last show and AMA. Please send plenty of questions! We do want to go out with a band and make it count. He's also »