The Sarkeesian Effect

So there's another massive shitstorm on the Internet because of a Sarkeesian video. While there is certainly a discussion to be had how she herself is treated as a result »

Another TV Appearance

Yesterday, I was on regional TV once again. It's been over four months since my last TV appearance, so I guess it was about time. This was just a very »

The Journey Down: Chapter Two

The second chapter of The Journey Down was released yesterday. We reviewed the first installment for Linux Outlaws back in 2013 and the developers were nice enough to send me »


I recently bought a PDF version of the core rule book for Numenera and started reading it tonight. I never really played pen & paper roleplaying games before but this »

No Coffee for You!

I've just released Linux Outlaws 358 - No Coffee for You! to the streams. My thanks go out to Dan who's edited the show while I was enjoying my birthday »

Birthday on the Bike

Since it's my birthday today, I took the day off work and drove up to Hamburg to spend some time with Katy. She's working so I'll be on my bike »

Driving up to Hamburg

I've been riding up from Hanover to Hamburg a number of times now and I'm still refining the route. It's a bit tricky since I'm trying to avoid the motorway »

John Oliver on Ferguson

There has been a worrying development in the press in the last few years. A trend has been created where comedy shows and satirical writers have consistently provided better commentary »

Space Laser Internet

After spending half my day on editing and preparing show notes, I can present you with Linux Outlaws 357 - Space Laser Internet. I hope you enjoy this week's episode »

Cool Old Terminal

When I used a Mac at work in the UK, I fell in love with Cathode and used it extensively — much to the amusement of my colleagues. Imagine how »