The Dark Ages of Free Software

With the recording of the final episode of Linux Outlaws looming large tomorrow, I've just released Linux Outlaws 368 - The Dark Ages of Free Software to the feeds. We »

Free as in GNU Piss

After taking way too long to edit this, I've finally released Linux Outlaws 367 - Free as in GNU Piss. At least the show makes up for being weeks late »

Going Out with a Bang!

Dan has blogged about our upcoming last show and AMA. Please send plenty of questions! We do want to go out with a band and make it count. He's also »

The Stolen Throne

With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out, I've recently started playing the first game in the series again — Dragon Age: Origins. I've completed it before, but it's been so long »

The Seamaster Aqua Terra

Yesterday, I came across an ad for the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m. Wow. Stunning. What a beautiful watch. I've owned a classic Seamaster Professional (the predecessor of the Seamaster »

Linux Outlaws AMA

For the last episode of Linux Outlaws, which will be recorded live on Monday, 15 December at 19:00 UTC, Dan and I have decided to do a Reddit-style AMA »

Götz von Berlichingen

Last night, I watched RTL's takeDE on the story of Götz von Berlichingen, starring Henning Baum of Der Letzte Bulle fame. There's a trailer on YouTubeDE. Naturally it wasn't as »


Inspired by tech journalist Sascha Pallenberg, I've launchedDE a new website called where I blog about technology news in short snippets and snide comments. Klicknutten is German and »

Podcast Update

I currently have four unedited podcast episodes sitting around. Two of those are for Linux Outlaws, two are for Angels of Death. I am giving my best to get these »


Heise is producing a number of image films for the company. The first one deals with working in the editorial offices and has now been released. I'm one of three »